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Exhibitors who have never registered for a Fox Valley online show will need to register at Read the FAQs and, if in agreement, click on the REGISTER button at the bottom of the page, complete the form, and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen. Once your registration has been accepted, you will follow the same sign-in procedure as our returning exhibitors. See next paragraph.

Returning exhibitors who have previously registered for Fox Valley on Getman's Virtual Platform should not register again Your sign-in and registration info has been saved within the platform. Go to Look at the very bottom of the screen. Click SIGN IN or MY DASHBOARD, whichever one of the two choices you see. Once on MY DASHBOARD, you must choose your package. Once you do this, you will officially be registered for the show and can begin your uploads.

BOOTH PRICING & PAYMENT: Once you are finished uploading your merchandise (but no later than one day before the show's opening) your booth rent must be paid. Use the PAY NOW button on MY DASHBOARD.


  • $200 for 15 items + 3 Bonus Listings (Total cost per item, 11.11)*
  • $230 for 20 items + 6 Bonus Listings (Total cost per item, 8.85)*
  • $250 for 25 items + 6 Bonus Listings (Total cost per item, 8.06)*


  • $225 for 15 items + 3 Bonus Listings (Total cost per item, 12.50)*
  • $275 for 20 items + 6 Bonus Listings (Total cost per item, 10.58)*
  • $300 for 25 items + 6 Bonus Listings (Total cost per item, 9.68)*

*No commission on sales will be collected


We will enable your account and you may begin uploading your items for the show any time after you register. You should plan on uploading at least one item very soon to officially save your space in the show. (You can always edit it or replace it with other merchandise later, but it is important to claim your space.) You may continue to edit your listings up until, and after, the show opens. However, you may not add new listings after the show opens.


Go to Once on the virtual show page look at the very bottom margin for any of the following choices:

  • If you are signed out, click SIGN IN and enter you email and password.
  • You remain logged in to your account until you click SIGN OUT.
  • When signed in, click on MY DASHBOARD to upload merchandise.


On MY DASHBOARD (see paragraph above) you will see ADD ITEM to add new items or UPDATE ITEM beside items you have already listed. When UPDATE ITEM is clicked, you can choose from the drop-down menu: EDIT, IMAGES, DELETE ITEM, and PREVIEW ITEM. More detail on each of these buttons follows.

EDIT: Here you can edit an existing listing's title, categories, description, and price. Click SUBMIT to save your work.

IMAGES: Click this to add, reposition or delete photos. Photos can be repositioned using 'click and drag'. Click FINISH to save your work.

DELETE ITEM: You will only be able to delete a listing before the show opens and before you pay for the listing. This function is not available once the show has started or after you pay, but you will be able to mark items SOLD anytime during the show.

PREVIEW ITEM: Choose this to see how your listing will appear to the public.


Click on the BOOTH PREVIEW button on MY DASHBOARD to review the overall look of your booth. If you wish to change the order in which your merchandise appears, go back to MY DASHBOARD, click & hold on the title of the item you want to move, drag it into the position you want, and release.


Each dealer is entitled to either 3 or 6 bonus listings, depending on the size of the booth package that was purchased. Your Bonus Listings remain stationary at the top of MY DASHBOARD after the show opens but the public cannot see them. At any time until Sunday morning at 9am central, when you mark an item SOLD, one Bonus Listing will immediately appear. Any Bonus Listings not revealed by 8:59 am central on Sunday morning will automatically appear a minute later at 9 am central. These fresh listings keep customers coming back frequently both days to check for merchandise updates. (See more about SOLD and RESERVE Buttons in next paragraph.)

SOLD and RESERVE Buttons:

These buttons will be added to your UPDATE ITEMS drop-down menu once the show opens. The RESERVE button can be used any time you wish to hold an item for a customer. Remember to click that button off if your customer decides not to follow through with the purchase. In addition to the information provided in the previous paragraph, be aware that when an item is marked SOLD or RESERVE, it overwrites the price. Therefore, you should not remove the price from your listing. The public cannot see the asking price of any item marked SOLD or RESERVE.


Remember to click SUBMIT or FINISH at the end of each entry page.

Title: Use a detailed descriptive title to attract customers. It will appear below the 'feature' photo (the 1st picture) for each item.

Category: You must choose at least one category, but as many as three categories, for each item. If you decide to change or remove a category you have chosen, simply "uncheck" it on the right side of the page opposite the category name.

Description: Your item description may be any length. Provide your customer with all the information you would offer if you were speaking with them face to face at an in-person show. Your customer cannot examine your piece in person, so you will have to fill those "sensory voids" with your description and photos. When writing your description, include as many key words and spelling variations as are appropriate. Either use them in sentence form or include them in the Key Word field.

You may not post multiple individually-priced items in one space. The only exception is for a group of items priced as one lot.

Any damage and/or repairs must be noted and photographed.

Made-to-fool reproductions are not allowed. Refer to our Merchandise Guidelines which were included with our invitation to participate in this show. We have the right to ask you to remove objectionable items from your booth.

Price: Consider adjusting your prices to reflect the savings of travel expenses incurred at out-of-town shows. Another consideration: in most cases your customer's invoice will include shipping charges, unlike an in-person show.

Order of items in your booth: Do not be concerned about the order of items in your booth as you upload. You will be able to 'drag and drop' them on MY DASHBOARD at any time after you have entered them. The exception will be your Bonus Listings, identified with a banner over the top of your photo.

Hyperlinks: Use your hyperlink icon - the thing that looks like a chain link in the toolbox above where you type your description - to drive folks to the specific page within your website where they can find other items of the same category. Yes, you have your website listed in your profile and it appears at the bottom of each screen, but this special hyperlink will drive interested customers to the EXACT type of antique they like without having to go through the Home Page of your website. The hyperlink immediately captivates your customer and drives them to your online store.

Easy hyperlink instructions:

  1. Copy the URL from your website that fits your show listing.
  2. Place your cursor in the spot within your item description where you would like the hyperlink to appear.
  3. Click on the hyperlink tool and a box pops up.
    First Line: Paste the URL link copied from your website.
    Second Line: Remove anything that appears in that line and name that link as you like. For example, SEE MORE FOLK ART or TAP HERE TO SEE MORE FOLK ART
    Third Line: Leave empty
    Fourth Line: Leave "Open Link in New Page". This will allow your website to open in a new window. That way the customer can easily return to your booth in the show by toggling back to their other open window.

Remember to click SUBMIT or FINISH at the end of each entry page.


The virtual experience must replace, as closely as possible, the in-person experience of viewing and holding an object. We cannot over emphasize the importance of filling those “sensory voids” with your detailed descriptions and clear, well-lit photos showing all angles. Choose your backgrounds carefully. Backgrounds showing wrinkled sheets or clutter must be avoided.

When on MY DASHBOARD, choose UPDATE ITEM beside the item to which pictures are to be added. Next, from the drop-down menu choose IMAGES. Here you will upload images directly from your computer or phone

You may upload.jpg or.png images. Our new photo viewer greatly enlarges photos. To achieve the maximum benefit of this new feature, upload high-resolution photos while still remaining under 10 megabytes in size. We suggest you upload, as a test, the highest-quality .jpg or.png you are able. On a phone that would be the largest and highest resolution. If that doesn't upload properly, then try saving the next smallest size. Images may be up to 3,000 pixels in one dimension.

The first image you upload becomes the featured photo and the rest will appear in a stream below the featured photo. To change the order of your photos, go to MY DASHBOARD, then UPDATE ITEM, then IMAGES, and 'drag and drop' your photos into desired position. You may include an unlimited number of photos at no extra charge.Remember to click FINISH to save your work.

NOTE: It is important to preview each listing to ensure your photos are oriented properly. If a photo appears sideways it is usually because the image is too large. In your photo software, try cropping the top and bottom of the photo to make it less 'top-heavy'. This easy and quick fix will correct most photo problems. If it doesn't, use your photo software to reduce the size of your picture. At this time, the orientation cannot be changed directly on the website.


When on your Dealer Dashboard, you will see UPDATE ITEM to the left of each of your listings. Click on it and then choose PREVIEW from the drop-down menu. Here you will see how your individual page in your booth will appear.

To see, at a glance, what your entire booth looks like, click on DEALER PREVIEW (blue button) on your Dealer Dashboard. When in your DEALER DASHBOARD, you may move your items into different positions at any time, even during the show, using the 'drag and drop' method explained earlier in this document.


No. Once you mark an item SOLD, it is automatically replaced by one of your Bonus Listings. You cannot upload any new merchandise after the show begins. But you can move SOLD items to the bottom of your booth. Go to MY DASHBOARD, click & hold on the title of the item you want to move, drag it into the position you want, and release. See 'Bonus Listings' section for information on how they are revealed as you mark an item SOLD.


Be sure to enter all pertinent information about your business under EDIT PROFILE found on your Dealer Dashboard. You may add or edit your profile at any time. Include your website, social media information, forms of payment, manner of shipment, sales tax info for your state, etc. Much of this information will appear on EVERY page in your booth. The "Additional Information" section should include how you wish buyers to contact you (Text? Email? Phone?) as well as what hours you will be available for communication.


The booths are presented in alphabetical order by the first letter of a business name. Our research indicates the amount of traffic to a booth is not dependent on where the booth is situated within the show but, rather, on the items within the booth as found by shoppers using the show's category, dealer, and keyword search options.


No. The exhibitor deals directly with the purchaser. The buyer will contact you via the method provided in your profile. Your contact information appears on each page of your online booth.

OFFER YOUR BEST AND/OR FRESHEST ITEMS not currently available on other selling sites (your website is an exception). Items previously offered in Fox Valley online shows may not be listed in the current show. Buyers want to see the best and latest of what you have. That is why we limit the number of items you can post.

IMPORTANT: When the show goes live at 10:00 a.m. Central make yourself available by email, text* &/or phone to answer questions, arrange payment and finalize sales. (*If you do not text, state this in your profile under "Additional Information" and indicate how you wish to be contacted by customers.) CHECK JUNK MAIL REGULARLY! Some dealers have found inquiries about their show inventory in their junk mail! The show remains open CONTINUOUSLY** until 6:00p.m. Central on day two. (**If you do not wish to be contacted at all hours, state this in your profile under “Additional Information”, specifying hours you will be available for contact.)

Thank you again. Email with any questions or comments.

Barb Lemme [email protected]

Debbie McArdle [email protected]